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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Desktop Pictures

Windows installs on your desktop wallpaper file.
By Ivan Tokic

Photos as desktop backgrounds windows and kept the original image file is stored in caches by default. Desktop Wallpaper All files in the path of the file, making it easy to install files. If you need the most prestigious landscape wallpaper, accidentally deleted or lost the original image file on your computer up, you can still hope to save wallpaper to its original position.

Screen image is converted into a.bmp Windows wallpaper format, files, and remember what it is, and C_Documents Settings_ _Local Settings_Application Data_Microsoft. After a few simple steps you will be able to the background image in its original position to take, you can install the original files and place given to the work shows. As a first step, if you log into your user's name changed and replaced with the name of your account. After logging in, the path to the file copy and then replace the highlights of the backslash. Enter the path to the file and Windows-Explorer window's address bar and press. The file can Wallpaper1.bmp guide.

Desktop Pictures
Desktop Pictures
Desktop Pictures
Another alternative way to the background image file on the screen to install, browse the folders to a file, but it's settings must be changed. All settings are stored in the local and sub-standard and panaknere hide, and so the settings must be changed to files and folders to see. In order to identify system files, you need Windows Explorer to open. Select the tool you can browse versions of the file versions and see where you need the box to select to show hidden files and folders are missing. It can help you file easily Screen wallpaper

If it works, the operating system stored on another hard skavarakakir or other distribution, you need a different approach to screen wallpaper file. The system files on the hard disk or a partition to browse through some of the files on the path is stored as C_Documents and Settings_ _Local Settings_Application Data_Microsoft the "C", we need the name of the partition or disk replaced.

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