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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

What not to store in facility rancho cucamonga

Who doesn't love the new TV shows about the storage
unit auctions.
I currently work for a large storage facility company
storage units in Rancho Cucamonga
as well as in parts of Utah,
Idaho, and Colorado and love hearing about cool stuff
people find in storage facilities. However, though it
may seem like a glamorous profession there are some
units that you would just not want to be anywhere near.
That is why I thought it would be funny to make a list
about what not to store in your storage locker.

1. Food

I hope I don't have to tell you that perishable
food items such as fruit and leftover meat from
your latest barbeque should not be stored in
storage units. However, many people are using
storage units to store their
emergency food storage supplies.
Keep in mind that in case of an emergency it
may be harder to acquire your food storage if
your car was destroyed during the disaster, or
even worse the
storage facility along
with your food. Keep that stuff close to home.

2. Drug Paraphernalia

More often than you may think there are drug sniffing
dogs searching for hidden stashes of drugs in storage
units. For some reason Drug lords love to use
storage facilities as stash houses. Maybe it is
for the convenience or the climate controlled
feature that many storage facilities are offerings.
Either way if there are drug sniffing dogs on the
premises you don't want them actually sniffing you out.
We recommend staying away from drugs all together,
however, if you must then keep them away from anywhere
the DEA commonly visits.

3. Your Past

Let's face it, we have all done things that
we shouldn't have done. Most likely there are records
of these unproud moments in our lives in the forms of
pictures or other related objects. Though it may have
been cool then, or you may have been proud of a certain
lewd act, there is no reason to keep evidence lying around.
The last thing you want is your kids, wife, or even
the police involved in investigating for any reason
into your past. So please heed my advice and destroy all evidence!

Now that you know what not to keep at your storage
unit I encourage you to go get a trash bag and start
to find new homes for your "stuff."

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