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Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Photography Community Survey
Will Pursell

This article is a case study of the community photography community created to help inform and gather knowledge on the specific goal, like many photographers a hobby and profession have been landed in this community, when they will have their hobby into a business dilettante and the following sections and the community forums for the community as well as a good way to get a photography business to promote and create new connections.

(A), their mission statement 's mission statement is "busy readers who want clear answers to serve." This is a very well implemented in many articles about photography and equipment.

(B) Tagline
Their tagline is "for photographers to help each other better" This underlines the fact that is a very strong community that photographers other photographers to help build.

(C) Return to story started in 1993 by Philip Greenspun's home page at MIT. They have now expanded to more than 100,000 photographers working together, and help them better, it gives an excellent example of how the community grew, and communicates its values ​​clearly.

(D) Storytelling has a personal interest as a place where the author indicates his view, showing his paintings, he would go to the website. Now that it's a much bigger place that showcases the work of many photographers and showcases some of the best talent in the world

(E) Brand Personality
The visually attractive site with thumbnails of the photos from around the site. The front page of the website you are automatically the best photos of the site. This is a very well laid out website and you can find what you want in seconds. Consequently, all the same color schemes, and our website is very consistent all tools available to the above, it is staffed and managed by leading photographers, moderate and wise choosing topics (eg week) ..

Photos dot just turned into a community, a pay television service, where you can have an unlimited images to your portfolio features contests and polls, as well as their access to the forums that help photographers add a lot of their Photography skills .

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