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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Passion of Nature Photography

Photographers choose to take different types of photography for different reasons. Their decision may be based on where they think they can make the most money. Perhaps they choose stock photography or portrait photography. They may base their decision on what they like, such as wedding photography, baby photography or sports photography. Those of us who have chosen nature photography did so because we have "the passion".

When I take a picture, I don't wonder if that photo will be salable. I am looking at a subject or a scene and if it moves me, I take it. To me, nature photography is not about selling your photography, it's about capturing a moment in time and sharing it with others. My subject may not be a rolling stream or a beautiful bird. It may be the textures or lines of a fallen tree, or an animal with a face that only a mother could love. It's all nature, it's all what God created and I appreciate it, be it beautiful or not so beautiful.

Some people say that animals don't have a soul. I don't believe this for a moment. Look into the eyes of your pet and tell me that he or she doesn't have a soul. You can tell when your pet is happy, sad, or scared, it shows in their eyes. This is a big part of my nature photography. What I see is the soul or personality of an animal, be it a dog, a bird or a raccoon, they all have their own personalities. That is what I want to capture! I prefer to take pictures of animals in their natural environment. Luckily I live in the country and am able to capture deer, turkey, birds and many other animals in their natural habitat. Unfortunately, as with many of us, I am not able to travel to Africa or some other land to capture exotic animals in the wild, but I won't let that stop me from capturing the sleepy yawn of a leopard at the local zoo. Zoos or wildlife parks are still a wonderful place to capture nature.

Landscapes may not have a "soul", but they can move yours! God gave us beauty, all around us, I want to appreciate and share it by taking photographs. Not everyone is able to see mountain streams and waterfalls. Some people will never view a sunset in the desert or the sun streaming through the woods. Haven't you ever looked out over a landscape and said, "Wow, isn't that beautiful!" I want to photograph that moment to remember and to share with others.

Becoming a nature photographer is not a decision you have to make. If you are a nature photographer it's because you have the passion and want to share it with others!

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