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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

How to Stack a Wedding Cake

A wedding cake is very special and people would like for their wedding cakes to look awesome. With awesomeness comes many different layers. There are several varieties of cakes that are available. A good thing to do in this case would be to let your imagination run wild and be creative. Many people think bigger is better and want a wedding cake that is stacked sky high.

In order to stack a wedding cake, you will need to make sure that you have a cake board for each layer, icing, craft knife and 4 dowels for each layer of cake but make sure you exclude the top layer. You also need to make sure that the dowels are wooden for the best results.

First, you want to use the largest cake board you have to place a generous amount of icing on this board to hold the first layer of cake in place. Once you have placed the first layer of cake on the board, you now want to accurately mark and make notice of the diameter of your second layer of cake on the first layer. By doing this, you will build a sturdy foundation for the rest of the cake. You will get the best results here by using a toothpick to make your markings. Toothpicks will also be beneficial when using them to make note of where the dowels will be placed. Many people find that when they imagine a square, it helps to set the dowels in place more accurately.

Once this has been done, you will need to place a wooden dowel completely through the cake on the markings that you made previously. It's a good idea to press rather hard and make sure that the dowel hits the bottom of the layer board. After this has been done, make a note of the height of the cake and remove the dowel.

Once you have removed the dowel, make sure you cut off where you made the markings and repeat the previous steps for each dowel that you placed on the cake.

A good thing to keep in mind here is that you should make the layers separately before you place them on the cake. By doing this, you will prevent yourself from damaging your cake and the separate layers on the cake. On this same note, you should not use small or thin dowels to hold up a heavy cake.

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