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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

3 Popular Chocolate Based Personalized Favors for Corporate Purposes

Naysayers have often tried to underplay the health advantages of chocolates, by linking it to chronic symptoms, such as headaches. A study conducted by the Pennsylvania University has, however, proven that headaches have nothing to do with chocolate consumption. On the contrary, chocolates are known to manage work related stress, thereby minimizing headaches and associated symptoms to a great extent. Therefore, when you choose chocolates as personalized favors for corporate gifting, it is indeed a healthy choice that you make for your clients, colleagues, employees or associates.

Nowadays, a wide range of chocolate based personalized favors can be accessed online. Retailers showcase some of the most amazing gift variants through their online interfaces. It is also relatively simpler to choose from them, since comparatively more number of options can be accessed within the given time frame. Most accomplished online vendors would also ship across free samples for effective assessment prior to purchase.

Chocolate Based Personalized Favors: Some Interesting Options for Corporate Gifting
When you consider chocolates as personalized favors for corporate gifts, consider choosing from the following list of options:

1. Customized Business Cards
Business cards made from the finest quality of chocolate can prove one of the best personalized favors to be gifted to coveted customers and clients. Have a special business card with your name and company details engraved on it and gift it to your clients. You could also include a personalized note along with the company details. Customers would not only savor the taste of the delectable chocolates for days to come but will also have fond memories to recall.

2. Chocolate Medals
These could be ideal corporate favors, customized to suit your purpose. You can use them as gifts items as a token of appreciation for big achievements. You could differentiate among achievement levels with gold medals, silver medals and bronze ones. This could be one of the most innovative ways to felicitate the efforts invested by your employees, over a period of time.

3. CDs and Custom Inserts
If you are a retailer who chooses to be truly innovative with your gifting ideas, opt for chocolate made CDs along with custom inserts as personalized favors. The inserts could provide some detail about your company and its offerings. You could also have the logo of your company on the inserts, if it pleases you. You could also add a personal note, perhaps, a wish or a note of appreciation, whichever seems to suit your purpose.

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