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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Nature Photography Hobbyists

Nature and Landscape photography can seem like a daunting hobby to take on. I remember when I took my first photography class and we were taught to memorize what ISO and aperture settings to use for specific environments. We were taught which paper was best to print our photos on and the different types of lighting and flashes that were available for different circumstances. That was all just within the first week. Then, we started to go more in-depth and talked about the abstract art of photography and how many people judge photos not only by technical but creative imagery.

With that being said, I truly believe that photography is an art form. Anyone with the inclination can take photographs. Granted, anyone can have their own opinion if a photograph is good or bad quality, technical or artsy, unique or run of the mill. But, I truly believe that photography also reflects the photographer. Think about it. What kinds of pictures do you enjoy taking the most? If a person enjoys taking pictures, then they shouldn't have a mindset of taking the sort of pictures that others would like but the pictures they themselves will enjoy. Why? Because at the moment you snap that photograph your own feelings and attitude come out in your photo. Sounds far-fetched doesn't it? Let me say again, photography is an art. The art a human produces comes forth from their own subconscious. Don't believe me?

Let's take a look at some examples. Let's start with the master of landscape photography, Ansel Adams. Take a look at some of his most famous works... Moonrise Hernandez, Tetons and Snake River, and Jeffrey Pine. What do you see and feel when looking at these photographs? What can you perceive of the artist that took them? Exactly. Ansel Adams was a pioneer for landscape and black and white photography. His love of nature came out in his photographs. He was an advocate for the preservation of our national and state parks and that love and dedication came out in his photographs.

As the world becomes faster and more crowded it is tough to remember ourselves and not get caught up in the every day grind. For this reason, many turn to hobbies to get their mind of the usual workday. Hobbies, including photography, can add peace and richness to your life. I encourage anyone that is seeking photography as a hobby to go at it full force and don't hold back. Experiment with different photography techniques, different types of photography and see what fits you as a person. You won't be sorry, I promise!

If you'd like some examples of nature photography, which happens to be my escape from the every day, here's a link to my own website. Much of my own photography reflect my love for Utah photography, nature and landscape, and national and state parks as the area I live in is so diverse and visually striking. It also gives examples of local small-business operations, hiking and camping information and general scenic information regarding where and when the photos were taken.

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