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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Tulisa Contostavlos - Wallpaper Hot

Has Gary had a chance to nuzzle up close to Tulisa to get a whiff of her debut perfume TFB by Tulisa? This first season of the new X Factor line up is proving to be surprisingly popular and has certainly massively raised the profile of at least two of the judges. It's hard to imagine that Gary Barlow's profile could be any higher because he is an acknowledged song writing genius and wholly decent human being. On the other hand, although Tulisa Contostavlos was famous in the eyes of N-Dubz fans, there must be a whole swathe of the X Factor audience that only became aware of her when she slipped into Danni Minogue's vacant seat.

TFB by Tulisa reflects Tulisa's status within the N-Dubz trio where she is known as The Female Boss. Perfume wholesalers may not be aware that N-Dubz has enjoyed both singles and albums success but nothing that the urban N-Dubz trio has achieved comes close to the evident success of Tulisa in this year's X Factor. The music biz may have already hailed her as a star of street music but Saturday night TV audiences were by and large as unaware of her as most of the TFB by Tulisa fragrance perfume suppliers.

Selling your own celebrity perfume in the lead up to Christmas is either a great marketing opportunity or a risky embarrassment. After all, the celebrity scent market is very crowded and there are notable casualties that still have boxes of their perfume stashed away in their garages. However, the overriding message coming from fragrance wholesalers is that TFB by young and savvy Tulisa is rather good. Apparently, the bottle is scoring high for being modern, stylish and feminine and the perfume itself confident and assured. The female boss perfume is considered by those that have a nose for these things to be a musky vanilla with a sandalwood base, topped by high notes of rose and jasmine. It sounds good and should do a lot to bolster the bottom line of many wholesalers and perfume suppliers.

The Cole face

What a fickle world we live in when, one short year ago, Cheryl, with her cute dimples, was the nation's sweetheart. Now, Tulisa comes along looking less fragile and with a lot more rock chick credibility; she also has her own perfume that, according to reports and reviews online, smells pretty damn good. In fact, it may prove to be a lot easier for The Female Boss to get a number one perfume this Christmas than a number one single, for Tulisa is managing the groups. JLS and One Direction are the two most successful X Factor groups but neither won the big prize. But, Tulisa is not known as The Female Boss for nothing and if several butts need to be kicked to ensure success, Tulisa has had plenty of practice with her N-Dubz "brothers". There is no doubt that a Tulisa Fragrance wholesaler is hoping that Tulisa breaks the X Factor tradition and wins with a group so that the TFB fragrance also hits number one.

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