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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

How To Customize Your Cake Design

Cakes are part of every birthday, debuts, anniversaries and even just a simple get together. When a person receives a cake on his her special day, he or she feel special. Cakes that are purchased in cake shops are simple. That is why personalized cakes have become a big craze nowadays. Some of the most popular cake treats that you can find today are cakes designed to copy a certain character.
To personalize your cake designs, you need to have your cake first by baking your own two layer cake or if you can't bake, simply buy from a nearby cake store. To get the design that you want, you may use the web to copy and print pictures that best fit the occasion.

Materials that you will need:
• Computer
• Printer
• Glue
• Skewers
• A plain white cake
• Small poster board
• A pair of Scissors
How to prepare:
Prepare the cake that you will need. Make sure that the cake is plain and bare. If there's additional frosting and designs, neatly remove them, making the layers of the cake even.
Choose the color of your frosting.
Look for a character or a picture online that you want to use. It can be a cartoon character, an animal, superhero or a favorite movie actor.
Print the picture from your file.
Cut the picture. Make sure that the picture is recognizable and large enough.
Use the poster board to cut out a 1" x 6" rectangle for the picture that you have printed.
How to Assemble:
• Place the picture face down.
• To stabilize the picture, attach the skewer.
• Fold a rectangular paper into half. Glue the skewer at the back of the picture.
• Glue the inside part of the rectangle and lay it over for stability.
• Position the character on the top of the cake by piercing it with the skewers.
For additional look, you can try adding fondant decorating stuffs. Putting some cake decorating flowers will also make the cake attractive.

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